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This dreamy seaside hotel in northern NSW will transport you to Italy


“It’s my dream to one day own this place and make sure it’s here for generations to come,” Commerford remembers thinking.


In 2021, they received the keys to Seascape, and the family temporarily moved into one of its apartments. “We wanted to understand in detail what the property was like: how it felt, the seasons, the light, the different elements of the space,” Commerford says. The first thing she did was rename the property Il Delfino. “Out the front, there’s a pod of dolphins, and it became clear that this was their home and we were really just the caretakers.”


In the kitchen and dining area of the Ischia suite, custom silky oak dining table; vintage seagrass chairs from Curated Spaces; built-in soft furnishings by The Dusty Road upholstered in Mariaflora fabric; vintage Danish scissor wall lamp from Found Furniture with Clo Studios pendant light; brass bulkhead light from Dunlin Home; antique encaustic floor tiles from Jatana Interiors; rug and basket from Imprint House.



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