Ten Questions with Jeremy Bull of Alexander & Co

1. Describe your professional style and how it has progressed over the last decade of working as an architect in Sydney. Our work is intended to be read as narrative, where our thinking moves  between historic reverence and a view to the contemporary. I am not enticed by modernity, and I would like our work to maintain some sense of wildness, some coarseness and some things left unfinished.
2. What influences did you draw upon for your latest project on Brisbane St? I think this is a latent infatuation with Scandinavian design finally being brought out of the cupboard! There is also lots of reference to Louis Kahn, whilst the home is heavily impregnated with the need for family practicality.

3. What and Where do you look for inspiration? All innovative thought leads us forward creatively. As such, our inspiration results from, and is inspired by those who innovate their art forms, whatever they may be; literature, art, photography. I think it is fascinating to try and explore the changing mediums of the zeitgeist and apply them to our work.
4. What is it about Dunlin that you find compliments your design aesthetic? Handmade is provocative in every way. Materials and shapes and products carry the blueprint of the maker and hands elevate production toward art.
5. What is your favourite Dunlin piece at the moment? I love the glass diamond. BTC Hatton Wall Light in natural bone china.
6. What are you working on currently and when can you share it with us? We have some wonderful houses which have been in construction or planning for some years finally coming though this year. Of the five or six finishing off, they are a chapter of thinking reimagining historic archetypes into contemporary projects. We are also in the final months of building Alexander House - a showcase our studio team will call home.
7. What do you look for when considering lighting for a residential project vs. a commercial project? Uniqueness is vital. Design stories are specific and need specific responses from the many components. Lighting is art, more than just utility.
8. What do you find is the most unconsidered and overlooked element of Architecture and Interior design? We have tried to economise it so much, we have forgotten that these buildings will stand for  the next fifty years and hopefully much much more if done well, the most unconsidered thing is time. Decisions for tomorrow, for next season, next week, these are fragile decisions.
9. If you we not an Architect what or who would you be? A writer.
10. When you’re not working what are you doing and where can we find you? Reading or surfing with my kids.  Or sitting in the sun and usually drinking coffee!
To explore more of the work of Alexander & Co visit their website.

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